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When choosing where you have your nails manicured do you ask about what brand of products your nail technician is using? Are you concerned about what is being used on you?

Do you know the difference between brands, where they are manufactured and if they are professional only products? To be classed as 'professional only' means only a trained, qualified nail technician providing proof of certificates to the company can purchase their goods. In this blog I will explain more about products and brands, what to check for, plus I'll explain why I chose the brand I now use.

A decade ago there was only a handful of professional only, big nail brands that were recognised and reputable within the industry. Now there are literally thousands of nail brands with some of the original big brands still around. The problem now is that some nail technicians are choosing products mainly based on price rather than where they've been manufactured and if they are truly safe!

There is currently a huge rise in allergic reactions being reported here in the UK and abroad and this seems to be due to so many nail companies popping up and being manufactured and produced mainly in China and the Far East. The restrictions in China for ingredients for cosmetic use is very different to within the EU. There will be a combination of banned ingredients and higher levels of more dangerous chemicals which over time can cause serious health problems. Unless nail technicians do their research and really check the brand they are using and not just the price on the bottle this is a huge problem.

A reputable nail brand should ideally be produced within the EU due to stricter ingredient restrictions, offer nail technicians an education system to learn how to use their products safely and properly, sell their own branded lamp to match and fully cure their products. They should have their own chemist to formulate their own products and know they've been fully tested over a length of time for safety and full cure.

Lots of factories in China have a generic recipe for gel polish and a brand starting out can purchase this generic recipe and have their logo and choice of branding placed on these bottles at a very cheap cost. You'd be surprised how many brands are actually identical in the bottle.

Another big problem at present is that some nail technicians are not using a LED/UV nail lamp that is branded and matched to their chosen system of products. its cheaper to buy a cheap non branded lamp. There is no generic nail lamp that can fully cure all types of gel polish!!!

A reputable nail brand will have tested extensively to scientifically prove its products are 100% cured and had a nail lamp calibrated and made for their products.

A gel polish can look and feel cured to the touch and eye but if you imagine a minimum of 4 layers on each nail (base coat, 2 x colour, topcoat) could still be soft sandwiched on top of your nail, this over time will lead the client to over exposure of under cured gel product and an allergic reaction. Nail products should never touch the bare skin. Also nail brands should not be mixed within a service on a client. One brand should be used from start to finish! Base coat, Colour and top coat.

An allergic reaction can present itself in many ways, itching, swollen or cracked skin, onycholysis (nail separation), thickening of the skin under the nails amongst other symptoms. Sadly once a client has been over exposed to products and had a reaction there is no way back. The bodies immune system is in overdrive and will reacted when in contact to any products it's become allergic too. To avoid the allergic reactions only a referral from a GP to a dermatologist to do tests to determine the ingredients causing the problem will then make life more bearable but these ingredients are normally included in a lot of cosmetics!

The products I use are from inkLondon, a British company created by a nail technician. they manufacture all their products with the EU, fully compliant with all EU cosmetic directives containing none of the prohibited substances found in most cosmetics of an American of Chinese origin. Every single raw ingredient, even the product labels are sourced from within the EU. No products are tested on animals and cruelty free (PETA). The have their own chemist, lamps and education system to support nail technicians using their products.

The products are amazing, nearly 200 colours of gel polish that last between 14 to 21 days. Various base coats allowing me to tailor make my gel polish manicure to suit my clients nail type and lifestyle.

There is no buffing or filing of the nail plate on application or removal which causes long term damage and thinning of the nail. Over time this will result in breaking, weak and sensitive nails. The product is wrapped and ink remover liquid is used to gently release the gel polish from the nail plate without force. You will then be able to grow your nails longer and stronger and enjoy having enviable nails.

These products are not cheap and my prices reflect my expertise and high quality safe products, if something is really cheap there usually is a reason for this. Corners are being cut and you are putting yourself at risk in the long run. Pay a little more to ensure you're getting the best products and service!!

Book yourself an appointment in the comfort of your own home and see the incredible difference a quality gel polish can make!

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